Design Competition

Design merch for Clue!

We’ve got some ace merch designs but we want more. If you design or know someone that does, we’re looking for new art.

For full info + to submit designs, head to the submission form here


- Design something that will look great on a piece of merch (T-shirt/tote bag/mug etc);

- It must say either 'CLUE' or 'CLUE RECORDS'

- You can upload up to 5 images/designs


Here are some optional ideas to include in your design

- We began in 2012 so 'Est 2012' or 'Established 2012' could work

- We love a pun so if it suits, things like 'Give Us A Clue', 'Welcome To Our Clueniverse', 'Cluetopia' (or make up your own)

CLOSING DATE: 11pm on Thursday 1st July 2021